Alloy Repairs

Kerbed,  Scuffed & Scratched alloys can be very expensive to replace, but with Spectrum Smart Repairs it is possible to repair them quickly and cost-effectively.  Don’t let your damaged alloys spoil the look of your car, let Spectrum Smart Repairs return them to their pristine best.

Scuffed or scratched alloy wheels are normally damaged through scraping the kerb and can ruin the appearance of your car. Replacement wheels is one option, but is an expensive one – another alternative is our alloy wheel repair and refurbishment service.

Our professional alloy wheel refurbishment service repairs your alloy wheel to a great finish, saving you from purchasing new wheels or getting an expensive fine from a lease company when returning your car.

Most people are unaware that alloy wheels are actually painted and are not just bare metal. When an alloy wheel is kerbed the paint has been removed as well as the alloy metal. Our repair technique includes returning the profile of the wheel and colour matching the paint. We have a range of silver paints and have colour swatches to colour check before completing any work on your wheels, and mix paint on site for the closest colour match.