Bumper Scuffs

A bumper scuff is normally caused by a light collision and can effect the front or rear bumper. These may have been caused by you misjudging a post of maybe you have come back from leaving the car in the supermarket and found someone has caught your bumper.

A bumper scuff usually covers a corner of a bumper but sometimes can involve other parts of the bumper. Also known as bumper scrapes and bumper scratches they are caused by light impact with either another vehicle or stationery object such as a post. Spectrum Smart Repair are able to repair your bumper scuffs without respraying the whole Bumper saving you time and money, we even come to your home or place or work to fix your car, think of us as a mobile body shop..

Most people are unaware that bumpers are actually made of plastic and although they don’t rust they can make a dramatic effect to the value of your car. We are able to repair cars with plastic bumpers even if your bumper has been dented. We are able to use the same techniques we use to remove dents to repair plastic bumpers this means in the majority of cases you do not need to replace your bumper. If your bumper has been cracked we are able to use a technique called plastic welding to fix your bumper and respray the area with an excelent colour match.

We use a technique called SMART repair to repair the paint work on a car this technique allows us to repair only the damaged are of your car, we mix all paints on the van making sure we have an exact colour match, this colour match and our specialist skills enable us to keep the repair area small and costs down while still giving a top quality finish. Our customers are delighted with the car body work repairs we produce not only are they low cost but you would never know the damage was there.

What ever the damage to your bumper you probably don’t actually need to buy a new bumper, contact us and we can take a look and let you know what we can do.

With Spectrum Smart Repairs your bumpers will soon be back to their best, and will probably be much cheaper that your insurance excess.